Why AdExtent

AdExtent offers a complete self-service solution for media buyers that want to easily setup and manage high-performance ReTargeting campaigns.

With AdExtent, any media buyer can now create a personalized ReTargeting campaign while still maintaining control over the media buying process.

How AdExtent ReTargeting Works:

You: Select an ad
design or upload your own
product feed
with just a few clicks
Place a single Retargeting pixel on your client site
We’ll serve the most relevant ad
And optimize the campaign

The Benefits of using AdExtent

Dynamic Creatives

AdExtent has been deployed by large scale advertisers and it is currently used to manage campaigns for sites with hundred thousand of products, and millions impressions. Creating dynamic ads with AdExtent is not only easy, but also cost effective. Our ads are continuously updated to reflect up-to-date product information as they change over time.

Creative Optimization

With AdExtent you can control the products that will show up in the ads. Either select first product or last product viewed, or let our recommendation algorithms determine the most appropriate product. Similarly to Amazon’s “People who looked at product, ended up buying” algorithm, AdExtent will come up with a personalized product recommendation to each visitor.

Intelligent Bidding

By analyzing visitors’ activities, AdExtent differentiates causal browsers from likely shoppers. We examine multiple data points to accurately assess the real value of each visitor. By focusing our efforts on the high quality visitors, we can cut down ineffective media expenditure, and help you produce superior performance.

Simple Integration

Our single “Super Pixel” makes the integration process extremely easy. Simply place our code across the site, and take advantage of all the AdExtent benefits.