Dynamic Ads App

Powerful audience segmentation

Easily combine dynamic and static creatives and intelligently define which site visitors see which one. For example, product page viewers see a relevant product ad while homepage visitors see your weekly circular ad.

Gorgeous, effective dynamic ad templates

Get started quickly with our pre-built dynamic ad templates - or use your own custom ad design instead.

Point-and-click dynamic ad creation

AdExtent takes the pain out of building dynamic creatives for retargeting. Just point and click on one product page and AdExtent automatically crawls the site to get the rest.

Full creative customization

Easily tailor each creative's look and feel to your brand with AdExtent's creative studio.

Full control over product selection

Go beyond simply showing the first or last product a user viewed. AdExtent gives you control to choose the right product to show each individual user.

Easy storyboard ads from multiple creatives

Define the exact sequence of creatives or products & categories to show your website visitors based on whether it's the first, second or (n)th impression.

Deep, product-level analytics

Understand campaign performance beyond just clicks and conversions. See which products drove performance with which audience segments so you can quickly improve and scale your campaign.