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The AdExtent Benefits

Find out why top brands and agencies use AdExtent and why 98% of them renew.


Launch in minutes, not weeks

AdExtent can instantly turn product pages into dynamic ads with or without using a feed or API. And, since our ads are built in HTML and not Flash, they can run on any publisher, anywhere. Why wait weeks for your campaign to launch when you can start delivering results and insights today?


Use our road-tested, effective ad templates ...or bring your own custom creative

Our easy-to-use WYSIWYG creative studio lets you build brand-friendly creatives in minutes. Easily customize one of the many templates AdExtent has tested and optimized over billions of impressions, or upload your own designs and we’ll do the rest. And with creatives made this easy, A/B testing is a snap.


Get full transparency and control. No arbitrage, no black boxes

Get the same transparency and control you get from your DSP in your retargeting campaigns. Get unmatched performance without the opaque pricing and arbitrage. With AdExtent, you get full transparency and control over how much you pay and where and how you buy media. Leverage our SKU-level reports and campaign dashboard to get unparalleled insight into your campaign performance.


Optimize every product and every ad to each website visitor

With AdExtent’s product recommendation and audience optimization algorithm, each site visitor is carefully evaluated and graded based on their likelihood to convert. Likewise, each product is carefully matched to the right user, so you can go beyond simply showing the first or last product a user viewed. AdExtent gives you technology to automatically tell the difference between your most valuable website visitors and those less likely to generate revenue.


Leverage your retargeting data for your prospecting campaigns

As your retargeting campaign grows, AdExtent collects real time data on which products perform well, so you can show your best products in not only your retargeting campaign, but in all of your campaigns.


Tap into the best team in the business

At AdExtent, we’re solely dedicated to building the best and most innovative retargeting technology. Our customers look at us as an extension of their core teams, providing insight and strategic guidance on building and scaling their highest performing retargeting campaigns.


No minimums, no setup fees, no commitment

Get started now, and enjoy a 14 day risk-free trial. Running with AdExtent is simple, effective, and profitable - but you can always cancel at any time if you’re not happy. It’s that easy.

Need more proof? Check out how a major retailer used AdExtent’s retargeting technology to turbocharge their business

Major retailer driving 342% more performance with
AdExtent vs. Static Retargeting

Major retailer needed to drive more performance and scale while retaining flexibility and control over their media spend.

AdExtent provided the technology for the retailer to run a personalized retargeting campaign that recommended the right product based on AdExtent’s product recommendation algorithm. Additionally, the retailer employed the AdExtent audience optimization feature to serve more ads to those users most likely to convert.

AdExtent product recommendation yielded a 270% increase in CTR vs static retargeting (which continued to grow as the campaign scaled), while product recommendation + audience optimization generated an average 342% lift over static retargeting.

John Were,
Founder and CEO
"The AdExtent app on AppNexus, combined with the team's great service levels, expertise and design skills, means we can easily offer our clients dynamic creative remarketing as an integrated part of their display media activity."
Vik Duggal,
VP of Revenue & Operation
"With the power of their technology and the amount of weight they put behind customer service, AdExtent is hands down one of the best advertising platforms for the retail world."

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